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Forum updates : Attachments and Links

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Forum updates : Attachments and Links Empty Forum updates : Attachments and Links

Post  Devilcraft on Mon Aug 29, 2011 11:16 am

A few updates to the forum has been made,
1. Posts per page is raised to 20
2. Poll option has been raised to 36
3. Title lengh start from 10
4. You can post attachments and thumbnails up to size of 360kb, resolution 800x600 into the forum
all members limitations has 14mb total to waste Cool (since our forum holds only 20mb total for attachments)
If this goes well and we reach the max ammount and want to post more i'll pay for the forum so we can raise the attachment size and more in the future...
5. Moderator group holds 2mb of total attachments.
6. You can now post links, sorry in advance didn't notice it blocked everyone for 7 days after registeration, it should work and has been fixed now.

If you have any requests about the forum (looks and changes) write it down in this post and i'll see to fix it.
Thank you kindly
Yours Devilcraft geek

I'm watching you from up above ;..;
Forum updates : Attachments and Links Tenshi02

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