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New story from Gw2

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New story from Gw2 Empty New story from Gw2

Post  Devilcraft on Thu Nov 08, 2012 1:30 pm

It was another day in the charr lands except today was different,
Everybody was running through the gates in madness, a voice of a great battle was outside, I was cleaning my rifle… "what could possibly happen now?" I thought.
We've never lost a stand and who would've try to mess with the great force of charr.

"What's the rush?!"

The ghosts of ascalon went berserk and are attacking said the commander, you must hurry and help everyone…

Why am I doing this, I thought again… I got better stuff to do.

I grabbed my gun kits and special equipment and went outside
There was chaos and a few charrs scattered, some were wounded but still fighting, it didn't look like they needed help, after all a charr is a charr.

"Fast down the stairs" (I heard them calling)

I rushed to the nearby cave that looked like a graveyard that everyone was going into and switched my rilfe to my pistols, would be better for close combat and killing bats I thought.

my pistols… they were rusty old.

I didn't had that much of action lately and that didn’t do well to the pistols.
Least I could count was my rifle but it was also out of service long before the cold days of war in piken square and after cleaning it was in parts and assembling it back together would take valuable time.

"Okey what the hell was going on"
It was an ascalon ghost commander with a few ghosts coming from the ground and he smashed my charr brothers with spells and kicks.

My turn!
I grabbed my pistols and start shooting, the smoke that came out of the rusty pistol was unbearable *cough* *cough* I should replace this, urgh…
My bullets kicked everywhere but not on the target I was aiming.

"DODGE bouncy bullets!!!" wow, I almost shoot a brother charr, everyone was looking at me "What are you doing?!"…

Okey this is bad, I stashed back the pistol and took out one of them toys,
Cheers cheers a flamethrower *evil grin* I scortched the land with the ghosts inside, the commander couldn't bear it anymore so he just stepped back of the fire and screamed it's not the end.

Wammm!@*#$ a huge paunch kicked me to the wall and broke my flamethrower…
"Wooaa" a huge statue was fighting us now.
That silly commander I thought time to switch, I grabbed my grenades from my side pack and start throwing them over the statue.

All my charr brothers was fighting near me, we eventualy managed to take control over the situation and the statue start breaking apart although the strong spell that kept it apart for roaming and destroying everything around it.

The commander has seen his chances went down from 80%success to 10%success in no time when charr kept rushing down the cave. He screamed it won't be the last time you hear from me and disappeared while the statue crashed and it's parts flew all over to the cave floor, I dodged when part of it's hand just crashed next to me.

We won and than I got the thanks of my friends and I went out to take care of my pistols…

Back at the city the things were calm now, everyone went back to their old routine,

Hey I want to see what you have in your trade store.
Ye, welcome I got these….
*I looked in awe* what the hell is that man, show me the real goods!
Sorry, you maybe known for a hero at the moment but that include all your brothers, your fame goes poor in the streets, maybe you should do some work for the charrs community...

I was confused and left the shop without success…
it's time to repair the old guns and than to see how I can help in the charr lands to raise my fame,
suddenly I get a tiny push from a human person and she went just where I left, to that silly trader.

*I sneaked behind her and watched her buying 2 perfect pistols*
Shiney, I said
She nodded silently.

So… are you new in charr town ? what brings a lady here.
I'm not a lady, she put her hood back and start walking fast…
I ran behind her, so where do we go ?

We?! There's no we. She pointed a pistol to my head "Back off clumsy charr, I got serious business to attend". She looked very serious and the way she held that pistol it looked like she was trained to kill with it
Okey okey, I let her walk away from me and in seconds she went back into the shadows, she was quick and mysterious.

I must find where she went, I took my remote and clicked on the go button.
Love my toys *tracking device* it blipped nearby and I start walking carefully after the blipps, but the problem started when it start blipping above me and than behind me…

That stupid device is also broken grrrr *smashes the remote on the ground*
"You don't learn do you charr!?" she was behind me and I could feel her cold dagger almost piercing my body when it touched nearby it chilled my soul.
"Ohhhh I am so sorry it’s a really mistake you see". Now I know I have a deal with a thief or assassin what have I done.

I had to think fast! Oh smoke bomb *puff* I rolled away from the smoke and looked behind, she wasn't there in the smoke or near it.
Wow, that was close I thought to myself and *BONK* I fainted.

She stood above me "Nooo don't kill me I promise I will not cause anymore problems!!!!" but she she sheee… wasn't the same person.
"Who are you ?" she looked at me funny "are you alright ? you went into that tree what was chasing you?"
*giggle awkwardly* uhh sorry I thought you see… umm
Above me stood a ranger with a longbow and a moa bird that made funny voices,
"Hey" *she sent a strong arm and grabbed mine to help me stand* by the way she grabbed I was sure it was a norn arm and not a human, seems today I have a lot of strange fateful meetings.

Waaa, wak, bak. Was the greeting I got from the moa bird.
She *smiled and laughed*, well I'll let you go on with your stuff and I'll continue with mine than.

"Gunbeast" that's the name and you?
Just call me "Loon" I am too tired to tell my whole story about the name.
Okey, Loon, nice to meet you.
Acctualy i have nothing special to do and looking for a company what are you up to ?
Nothing special, She offered me to join her and we both went to find some adventure together.

To be continue...

I'm watching you from up above ;..;
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Post  Vonhunter on Thu Nov 08, 2012 5:39 pm

nice story and nice idea of puting multiply of your charactes as their own persons Smile

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Post  calese on Thu Nov 08, 2012 11:29 pm


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